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The original language is called by most "Paleo-Hebrew." YAHUAH's Name in "Paleo-Hebrew" looks like this:
For the sake of this study we will use Modern Hebrew which most scholars are familiar with.

Here we present 4 Undisputable Facts that prove what the Name of the Creator and Savior really is YAHUAH.

FACT #1: Lord vs. LORD

Throughout most current Scriptures we see the word "Lord" spelled sometimes with a capital "L" and then lower case "ord" to equal "Lord." Then sometimes we see the word "Lord" spelled in all capital letters to look like "LORD." The preface in most "bibles" say that the reason for the capital "LORD" is for the sake of tradition. The reality of this is that they've chosen to cover over the name of the one and only Creator, YAHUAH. His name in Modern Hebrew is spelled yod, hay, vav, hay and looks like this:


In Hebrew the word Lord is spelled like this
alef, dalet, nun, yod and looks like this:

This equals the word Adonyah (where we get the word Adonai from)

Then look at how most modern translators spell the word "LORD" in Hebrew. They spell it like this yod, hay, vav, hay and it looks like this.

Now we've already shown above that yod, hay, vav, hay  looks like Yahuah-ModernHebrew.jpg. A 3rd Grader could quickly see that Adonya.gifAdonya.gif and  Yahuah-ModernHebrew.jpg are different words. They can't both be "Lord," because both "Lord" and "LORD" have the exact same "english" letters, so one of these spellings has to be an imposter. Fact #2 makes this absolutely evident.

But before we move to Fact #2 let's look at the warning of YAHUAH the Creator not to change, add to, or take away from His Word. Obviously we can already see in Fact #1 that some type of change has taken place.

It says in Mishle (sn-Prov) 30:5, 6:

5 Every word of Eloah is pure;
He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him.
6 Do not add to His words,
Lest He rebuke you, and you be found a liar.

This is very clear. No one is to add to YAHUAH's Word or they will be found a liar. Rev 21:8 says "liars" will have their place in the lake of fire (Hell).

Also, in Rev 22:18, 19 it says:

18 For I witness to everyone hearing the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to them, Eloah shall add to him the plagues that are written in this book,  19 and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, Eloah shall take away his part from the Book of Life, and out of the set-apart city, which are written in this Book.

This is another clear warning not to change His Word. Some will say that the warning from Revelation was only for that book. If this is true as it well could be, then there are still many places in Revelation to where His Name has been changed (covered over and added to). Every time you see the word "LORD" in Scripture that is a place where YAHUAH's Name has been changed. His Word says whoever does this as well as follows this will not see the Kingdom of YAHUAH.


Virtually every person or scholar that has ever read any Scriptures knows the phrase "Tribe of Judah." Judah in Hebrew= yod, hay, vav, dalet, hay which spells out YAHUDAH (the real name of Judah). We know this to be true because the letter "J" is less than 500 years old. As a matter of fact around 1,200 Languages know the word YAHUDAH. Anyway let's look at YAHUDAH in the Hebrew characters:
In Modern Hebrew the Creator's Name, YAHUAH, is spelled like this yod, hay, vav, hay and looks like this:

The only difference between the word YAHUDAH which looks like this in Ibrim (sn- Hebrew) Yahudah-Pic.gif and the word YAHUAH which looks like this in Ibrim (sn- Hebrew) Yahuah-ModernHebrew.jpg is the letter "D" which looks like this in Ibrim (sn- Hebrew) Dalet-1a.gifDalet-1a.gif. Just look at it. It's the 4th Letter (Hebrew reads from right to left): Yahudah-Pic.gif. The problem with the "scholars" and their translation is that they call the word (name) YAHUAH the word (name) LORD. This is a blatant cover up of His Name that is punishable by Hell. It's treating His name as meaningless, useless, and of no effect (vain). This is incredible facts that cannot be disputed.

FACT #3: The Word AHLLELUYAH (sn- Hallelujah)

Here it is spelled in Ibrim (sn-Hebrew):


2,400 Languages pronounce this word virtually the same! Linguists will tell you that having this many languages pronounce one word the same is the equivalent of "raising someone from the dead!" Our Creator left us "Undisputable Evidence" of what His Name is. Most have always been taught that Ahlleluyah (sn- Hallelujah) meant "Praise the LORD," but this is a lie straight from Satan. The first part of the word "Ahllelu" means "Praise Be Unto." The second part is easy-- "Yah." Praise Be Unto who? The Word says "Praise Be Unto Yah!" YAH of course is short for YAHUAH. But as we learned from above, twisted men have corrupted YAHUAH'S Name by covering it with the word LORD. This is an outright shame, but our Creator left us with enough clues to dig through the deception. The amazing part is if you remove the two "Lameds" that look like this in Ibrim (sn- Hebrew) Lamed-1a.jpg and transpose it you get YAHUAH's Name!

It's simple just go backwards with the word hywllh and remove the two "Lameds" (ll), and you'll get His Name! Remember Ibrim/Hebrew reads from right to left so when we transpose it and go from left to right (as it does in English) we get. Y ( Y ) + AH ( h)  + U ( ) + AH ( h) = YAHUAH. This is absolutely AMAZING!

FACT #4: Acts 10:43 Slams The Door On This Issue!

Acts 10:43 reads:

"To Him all the prophets witness that, through His Name, whoever believes in Him will receive forgiveness of sins."

This tells us to look to the prophets first to see what their witness is. It also tells us that it's "through His Name" that we receive forgiveness of sins. Folks, we better have His Name right if this Scripture is true, and we believe the Scriptures are true.

The first part of this verse gives us another "Undisputable Fact" that His Name is YAHUAH. It says that all the prophets witness that, through His Name, whoever believes will receive forgiveness of sins. Well, there's nearly 177 prophets and/or patriarchs and nearly every one of their correct names have a part of YAHUAH's Name in their name! The "translators/scholars" also changed every one of the names of the prophets in most current English Translations. Once you know the truth about YAHUAH's Name, you know why they had to continue their corruption by changing the prophets names also! Be sure to check out the "Correct Names" link for proof, but here's some of their names. The interesting fact is that when KephAH (sn- Peter) came out of the upper room, his words to the people (Acts 2:21) were a direct word for word quote from YAHel (sn- Joel) 2:32 which states:

YAHel (sn- Joel) 2:32:

"And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the Name of Yahuah-ModernHebrew.jpg (YAHUAH) shall be saved."

Isn't it amazing that the first prophet quoted by KephAH (sn-Peter) was YAHel (sn- Joel). YAHel means YAHUAH is Eloah (sn- God). By the way, KephAH means "The Rock is YAHUAH!"

Now let's look at some of the other prophets real names to provide more Undisputable Facts:

Joshua's real name is YAHUsha which means "YAHUAH is Salvation."
Isaiah's real name is YeshaYAHU which means "Salvation is YAHUAH."
Jeremiah's real name is YirmeYAHU which means "The Restoration/Resurrection is YAHUAH."
Zechariah's real name is ZacharYAHU which means "The Rememberer is YAHUAH."
Nehemiah's real name is NechemYAHU which means "Consoled by YAHUAH."
Malachi's real name is MalakiYAHU which means "Messenger of YAHUAH."
Jonah's real name is YonAH which means "Warmth is provided by YAHUAH."
Obadiah's real name is ObadYAHU which means "Servant of YAHUAH."
Samuel's real name is ShamAHUel which means "Listen to YAHUAH your Eloah."
Jacob's real name is YAHcob which means "YAHUAH Succeeds"

The list goes on and on! Just check out the "Correct Names" link and we've got 120+ names of Prophets/Patriarchs listed that give "Undisputable Facts" of who the true Creator/Savior is. This is no joke, and is not to be taken lightly. YAHUAH wants you to "Call Upon His Name and His Name Only" for Salvation. Yeshayahu (sn- Isa) 42:8 says He will not give esteem to any other Name, so we better have His name right.

We presented what we truly believe to be "4 Undisputable Facts" to prove the truth. We hope this helps you in your search for the truth. We encourage you to act upon it and be saved by the one and only that can save you. For clear direction on receiving Eternal Life be sure to click on the link "TRUE SALVATION."

Follow The Truth And Nothing But The Truth!

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